Organizations in today’s modern-world are often encouraged and even pressured to reduce their energy use. Palmer Conservation Consulting (PCC) has the expertise to conduct energy assessments at your facility—affordably and effectively. The end results will not only help you save money, but it will lead to your organization making smart energy choices that are environmentally-friendly.

PCC’s Assessment Services:

Energy Analysis – we will review utility bills and usage patterns to detect any problems with your equipment or rate selections. PCC will also inspect buildings for all types of energy waste.

Cost Comparisons – our services include an in-depth analysis of energy providers to ensure you are getting the most economical package for your usage pattern. We will also provide a cost/benefit breakdown on vendors needed to update necessary lighting, HVAC, or other equipment.

Our assessment will provide answers to these crucial questions:

  • Where can our organization reduce energy consumption and cost?
  • How can we improve the energy efficiency of our buildings and equipment?
  • Which vendors are the best choices for our organization?
  • When will we see a return on our investment?

When PCC’s original assessment is concluded, we will provide a detailed report with answers to the above questions, baselines for energy use and an overview of all energy conservation measures.

Overall, it is our job to identify your organization’s energy weaknesses and to recommend energy efficient updates. These updates will reduce your energy consumption and expenses.