When do you find out how much you’re spending on energy usage? After the fact – when your monthly bill arrives? By then, it’s too late to react to any abnormal usage and avoid wasted costs. And if your organization implements energy efficiency projects, how can you be certain these changes are delivering results? Waiting for monthly utility bills and comparing them to previous month’s bills is no longer an efficient way to track your energy reduction efforts.

Energy Optics™ by Palmer has the ability to reliably report energy consumption and spending in real-time. Having this data at your fingertips allows you to expeditiously evaluate the savings and improvements created by your energy management projects.

Palmer Conservation Consulting will give you the tools necessary to easily access and monitor your buildings’ energy activity and any abnormalities that may occur. The Energy Optics™software collects this intricate utility data and then translates it into charts and graphs on a user-friendly “dashboard” (a visual display on your computer or mobile device).

Having access to real-time utility data allows your operations team to:

  • – react immediately when issues arise
  • – proactively research why certain buildings aren’t performing
    as well as others
  • – benchmark building performance among others nationally
  • – identify areas for future improvements and upgrades

Reduce energy consumption, save on utility expenses, improve the environment — with Energy Optics ™ by Palmer.

Software Highlights

Monthly or Real-Time Visibility & Reporting

Utility Bill Data Management

Measurement & Verification

Budgeting & Planning

Occupant Engagement

Benchmarking Facilities

Energy Star Score Reporting

Standard Product

  • .Energy Insights provides:
  • Invoice tracking with use and cost comparisons.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Energy Star rating.

Professional Level

  • .Everything from Standard Product
  • Evaluate Electric Trends.
  • Visually check multiple building results.
  • Heatmap evaluation tool.
  • . Interval metering needed.
  • . Can help install if not available: utility or BAS.
  • . Interval metering is not included in the price.

Mix & Match

  • . Most Counties will have 1 to 5 locations where Professional makes sense.
  • . Rest of facilities should consider standard product.