Traditional energy management is essentially centered on the boiler or mechanical room. Energy Master Planning, on the other hand, is a business management procedure for commercial, institutional and industrial operations. The process involves:

  • Developing strategies
  • Creating processes to fulfill those strategies
  • Identifying barriers and finding procedures to overcome them
  • Creating accountability
  • Providing feedback loops to monitor and report progress


An EMP may be thought of as a road map to savings that starts before and continues after energy-efficiency measures are involved. Why do you need such a map? Because you can’t get there if you don’t know where “there” is. Let Palmer Conservation Consulting create an EMP road map specifically for you, so that you can start saving now and well into the future!

Energy is not a fixed-cost; it’s something that can be managed. That is why an Energy Master Plan (EMP) is critical for your organization. An EMP can guide a business in longer-range planning of energy cost-reduction, while controlling facility maintenance, management, and design.

Palmer Conservation Consulting (PCC) includes many steps not usually taken under conventional, technically oriented energy management:

  • Energy procurement
  • Energy-related equipment purchasing
  • Measurement and verification
  • Staffing and training
  • Communications
  • Setting energy consumption targets
  • Tracking/feedback