Senate Bill 221, enacted in 2008, requires the electric utilities to capture a 22.2% reduction in energy consumption by the year 2025. Included in that legislation is a provision that permits qualifying entities to avoid or lessen the effects of the Demand Side Efficiency (DSE2) rider included in your utility bill. As a result all Ohio electric utilities generated various incentive programs in order to achieve this goal and enhance Commercial customer participation. Currently available are two types of incentives in the form of a one-time cash payment or an exemption from the Demand Side Utility Rider. The CCAO and Palmer Conservation Consulting are working together to ensure cities, counties and schools are educated in energy saving opportunities that can lead to additional revenue for you.

Energy Savings Opportunities

Mercantile Customer Program

  • Historical Projects (3 year look back)
  • Up to $500,000/year or Exemption from Demand Side Energy Rider
  • New Construction Applicable
  • OSFC/HB 264 Projects Qualify

 Energy Save Ohio

  • Compensation for projects in the pipeline
  • Applications and projects require pre-approval
  • 100% approved incentive

 Eligible Projects

  • Lighting
  • Motors and Drives
  • HVAC
  • Commercial Equipment