In today’s business world, the level and intricacy of data available to us has escalated drastically. The need for system and data convergence is high. Palmer Conservation Consulting’s (PCC) Smart Building Technology can help.

We utilize a software platform that integrates diverse systems and devices into a unified platform—regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. This allows the platform to be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the internet using a standard web browser. This approach provides the greatest ability to manage energy and operational costs, without expensive third-party support.

The Smart Buildings method allows for constructing and managing complex monitoring, control and automation solutions. This includes applications for building control, facility management, life safety and security, energy information systems, telecommunications, M2M and smart services.

Benefits of Smart Buildings

  • Financial flexibility and control of future utility, maintenance, operational and service costs
  • Protection of initial systems investment by insuring flexibility for future additions, upgrades, replacement or technology advancements
  • Allows maintenance and operational staff to control and monitor all systems, regardless of building location or systems manufacturer (touch-and-click simplicity)
  • Control of energy and operating costs through a centralized and coordinated approach (benchmarking and real-time utility tracking and control)
  • Uses existing network to monitor and control systems, so there is no additional cost (web access and remote).

Utilizing a professional like PCC frees up your facility managers’ time so that they can focus on other areas. This ensures that all areas of your operation are running effectively and efficiently.

Buildings consume approximately 40% of the world’s energy.

Together, we can reduce that number.