Palmer Energy Corporation and Palmer Conservation Consulting are endorsed CCAOSC program partners.

In 2008 energy conservation became one of the centerpieces of Ohio’s energy economy when the General Assembly passed SB 221 mandating that utilities achieve a 22% reduction in electric consumption by 2025. With such a large mandate and the availability of rebates to consumers, energy conservation projects have been initiated.

The County Commissioners Association of Ohio Service Corporation (CCAOSC) has partnered with Palmer Conservation Consulting (PCC), to be the knowledgeable third party working on behalf of the counties and any organizations operating with the respective county.

As it reviews the facility(s), PCC will interview internal personnel and seek guidance over the best energy conservation measures that provide maximum savings. PCC quickly assesses the facility(s), develops a list of potential conservation measures for review and make recommendations on some projects that may be pursued to maximize savings. Depending on the complexity of the projects and the county’s preferences, PCC will assist and advise on various stages of the project and then perform appropriate measurement and verification after installation is complete.